Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wikis Used in Internal Communication

While i was preparing my presentation for the Technology course about Wikis, i learned that wikis don't have only the traditional role that we know. I thought that Wikis are used only like a source of information like the WIkipedia and people log in to find information about what htey are interested in or add some information that they know about a topic.

What was new for me is that wikis are used as an internal tool of communication in organizations. Wikis can be used in different ways like : resources, event news ,collabrative discussion (Q&A), tracking coverage ,schedule, tasks, meeting notes, project status ,research results, contacts, team lists, member profiles .

Wikis can be both simple and complex. Wiki is simple and elegant, and conceptually this simplicity makes Wikis a good candidate for modest documentation needs or informal, shared notes capturing. Because they're hypertext publishing environments, however, they can also become quite sophisticated and complex. This is what makes them attractive and compelling tools for documentation.

This is a video that will make completely understood to everyone how WIkis work!


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